Olympus PEN E-PL9

Olympus PEN E-PL9
Olympus’ most recent PEN digital camera, the E-PL9, updates the E-PL8, and from now on features 4K video recording, 3-axis picture stabilisation, an integrated pop-up flash, and Bluetooth. The 16mp Micro Four Thirds digital camera will come in white, light brown, and black colored.
The digital camera features equivalent 16 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor while the E-PL8, however with a brand new image processor (which will be reported to be exactly like the flagship E-M1 Mark II). This should imply there’s a marked improvement in noise performance and picture quality. The digital camera features 3-axis sensor-based picture stabilisation, just like the E-PL8.
The 3inch tilting touch-screen tilts along, along with it feasible to tilt totally down and forwards for selfie shots. You can see a dual-axis digital level in the display screen.
The digital camera records 4K video at 30/25/24fps, together with 3-axis picture stabilisation may help keep videos steady and smooth. Stereo microphones tend to be integrated.

Olympus PEN E-PL9
Olympus PEN E-PL9
There’s integrated Wi-Fi, and also this is joined by low-power Bluetooth to enable you to connect with your smartphone or tablet utilizing Bluetooth.
The shooting settings offered happen updated, to include Advanced Photo (AP) mode, which will be made to help you make use of a number of the more complex shooting modes, which there are lots of, including Live Composite, Live Time, Multi-Exposure, HDR, Silent, Panorama, Keystone Compensation, AE Bracketing, and Focus Bracketing.
The scene settings have-been updated with a brand new visual user interface, and you can make use of the touch-screen to pick the scene mode you desire. These have-been built to be simple to use, together with Nightscenes including “Light Painting” as well as other night scene settings which you can use, without advanced level photographic knowledge.
There’s an Auto mode, with simple on-screen settings, P, A, S, and complete manual settings. The amount of AF things has-been updated, with all the digital camera today featuring 121, when compared with 81 in the E-PL8.
The Olympus PEN E-PL9 functions a metal bodied digital camera, as well as on top, the steel dials and shutter release key provide the digital camera a far more premium feel. The front grip has-been enhanced on the E-PL8.
Olympus PEN E-PL9
Olympus PEN E-PL9
The rear grip for the thumb is fairly tiny, many of the buttons appear rather small, however they are obviously labelled, and the 4-way operator all over OK key offers fast access for some of the key settings.
The rear touch-screen seems great, with a great quality of 1037K dots. The frame surrounding it’s very big, therefore is great if Olympus could actually slim this down in the future designs.
Advanced Photo mode was seen in the E-M10 Mark III, and it is built to help you access a number of the more complex functions in the digital camera. There’s also an updated Scene settings menu, with immediate access to settings. These make the digital camera simpler to utilize, but the primary setup menus in the digital camera tend to be very long overdue a revision and certainly will be very tiresome while looking for a particular feature.
Use regarding the Super Control Panel causes it to be simpler to access options and settings to enable you to stay away from needing to make use of the selection system. The back (top) Function (Fn) option, may be tailored. The digital camera doesn’t always have an accessory slot, and that means you can not include an electronic viewfinder on digital camera.
Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth indicates it is possible to connect with the digital camera from your own smartphone or tablet. The Olympus O.I. Share application can be acquired for Android and iOS devices. It’s an easy task to setup a connection, and after that it is possible to remotely manage the digital camera, transfer pictures, edit pictures and add Geotag (place) information to pictures. On along side it is a MicroUSB connection, and an HDMI connection.
Continuous shooting enables you to take a great number of JPEG pictures before slowing. Silent shooting using the digital shutter enables you to take at as much as 14fps. Focus is fast and shutter reaction excellent. We tested this using the 14-42mm pancake zoom lens.
The Olympus PEN E-PL9 offers good results right from digital camera, with JPEG pictures searching razor-sharp and step-by-step, if you are utilizing a lens. Face and eye recognition focus ensure portraits tend to be precisely revealed and focused, with great skin tones and incredibly pleasing color reproduction. Exposure is dependable, but should you make an error with exposure, after that processing the raw file will allow you to recuperate blown shows or underexposed regions of a picture. There are a lot of various methods to take HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures, in a choice of the Advanced Photo mode, or in the Scene settings, together with digital camera allows you to gain access to these.

Olympus PEN E-PL9
Olympus PEN E-PL9

The digital camera offers great noise overall performance, with accomplishment up to ISO3200 and ISO6400. Colour saturation stays great also at ISO12800, while you might need stay away from this speed according to your preferences. ISO25600 is better prevented as pictures tend to be smooth and lack information, although remarkably colour saturation stays powerful.
There tend to be choices to adjust the Noise Filter, that pictures had been taken in the standard environment of “Standard”. If you would like a little sharper pictures and do not mind more sound, it is possible to set this to “Low” and sound overall performance continues to be great.
Compared on E-PL8: The E-PL9 offers greater outcomes at greater ISO rates, with ISO3200 and ISO6400 creating sharper pictures, with much better color saturation aswell. Results are extremely just like the E-M10 Mark III.