Sigma DP2 Quattro Review

Sigma DP2 Quattro
Sigma DP2 Quattro Digital Camera

The Sigma DP2 Quattro is a compact digital camera with a recently created 39-megapixel APS-C sized Foveon X3 Quattro sensor. The DP2 Quattro’s special sensor outputs 5424×3616-pixel raw pictures at greatest quality setting, and it is made up of four seperate layers, with three devoted layers for shooting Red, Green and Blue. The DP2 Quattro additionally features a 30mm fixed lens with an easy aperture of f/2.8, TRUE III picture processing engine, 3-inch TFT color monitor with 920,000 dots, complete array of innovative shooting modes, manual focus ring, external hotshoe, Quick Set switch and RAW format assistance. The Sigma DP2 Quattro formally retails for £899 / $999.
At the center of this Sigma DP2 Quattro is a whole new APS-C sized Foveon image sensor. The specific measurements of the picture sensor found in the DP2 Quattro digital camera is 23.5×15.7mm, a little bigger than the DP2 Merrill’s sensor. Sigma will always be the sole manufacturer to utilize the Foveon X3 sensor, quoting the quality of this DP Quattro as 39 megapixels.
The Foveon option makes use of 3 levels of piled in addition to one another, with every photodiode taking the RGB data. The Quattro sensor is different from prvious generation by allocating 20 megapixels to your top level which registers both blue color and luminance information, and just 4.9 megapixels to another two levels which record green then purple color information correspondingly. Sigma state that essential modification provides an an increase in quality when compared to past Foveon sensor, alongside quicker processing times much less sound, about in the red and green channels.
Sigma DP2 Quattro
Sigma DP2 Quattro Digital Camera
Sigma and Foveon additionally consistently declare that the 3-layer method causes much better browsing color pictures straight-out of this digital camera in comparison with a CCD/CMOS sensor. Whilst this might be real, from user’s perspective the final picture is 5424×3616 pixels in dimensions, which restricts how large you are able to print or crop the native picture without interpolating it in Adobe Photoshop or any other application.
The Sigma DP2 Quattro has actually a really uncommon design that is very unlike any digital camera that people’ve seen before. Measuring 161.4mm(W) x 67mm(H) x 81.6mm(D) and weighing 395grams, it really is significantly larger and thicker versus DP2x, no further suitable into a coat pocket. It’s way too large and large for the, mostly due to the lens housing which protrudes about 4cms out of the front side of this digital camera body, not forgetting the angular hand-grip. The DP2 Quattro becomes more difficult in the event that you add the recommended VF-41 optical viewfinder as well as the LH4-01 lenshood.
Utilising an aluminium alloy body, the Sigma DP2 Quattro is an exceedingly well-built digital camera, undoubtedly up truth be told there with all the most readily useful your various other manufacturers have to give. The DP2 Quattro has actually an under-stated, all-black look with a subtly textured area, and with the thicker body weight this lends the digital camera a specialist feel and look. The all-metal tripod mount straight inline with all the center of this lens is a giveaway indication that will be a critical digital camera (many compacts have actually a plastic mount squeezed into among the sides).
The 30mm, F/2.8 lens dominates leading of this digital camera. Offering a fixed-focal length of 45mm in 35mm digital camera terms, the lens does not expand if the digital camera is switched on. The building of this lens seems rock-solid without play anyway when you look at the steel lens barrel. The DP2 Quattro has actually a tactile manual focus ring, that makes it less difficult to work the digital camera if you like like that of focusing. Sadly it generally does not over-ride the auto-focus mode though, which will were a fantastic function, even though manual focus assist that includes on-screen magnification is a pleasant touch.
Obviously the fixed-focal 30mm lens, equal to 45mm on a 35mm digital camera, will instantly place lots of people from the DP2 Quattro. If you desire a unique focal length, then your wider-angle DP1 Quattro has actually an equivalent 28mm lens, or even the DP3 Quattro has actually a 75mm lens. 45mm is a great focal length for candid street photography, supplying an angle of view much like everything we see with your very own eyes, as well as the mixture of the DP2 Quattro’s lens and each photographer’s continual friend, their particular legs, demonstrates become much more functional than you possibly might initially believe. The optimum aperture of F/2.8 as well as the big APS-C sensor allows you to blur the back ground and notably helps make the digital camera much more functional in low-light.
Sigma DP2 Quattro
Sigma DP2 Quattro Digital Camera

The DP2 Quattro has actually a subtly sloped handgrip with a tiny leatherette location that will help that hold a firmer hold, although we would have liked to see a much larger area included in this product. Unusually the DP2 Quattro hold is larger powering the digital camera versus front side, an arrangement that people could never ever, ahem, very reach grips with precisely, specifically once the Focus key and Control Pad can be found in which your right thumb normally would like to stay, whilst steel lug for shoulder-strap digs to your hands. The DP2 Quattro’s handgrip is unquestionably unique, nonetheless it has actually a fairly harmful impact on the digital camera’s handling.
The 3 inches Liquid Crystal Display display screen on back shows 100percent of this picture as well as the 920,000 pixel quality is great, plus you can find several alternatives for increasing or lowering the brightness of this display screen if you do not such as the default setting. Rather strangely the DP2 Quattro’s seems larger than it is actually initially, unless you realize your 3-inch Liquid Crystal Display lies within a much larger cup panel, with a small task LED using one part and Play switch on the other side.
If you had choose utilizing an optical viewfinder to frame your pictures, Sigma provides the recommended VF-41 viewfinder, which suits in to the flash hotshoe in addition to the digital camera (you also can utilize various other 3rd party viewfinders with all the DP2 Quattro). This system does provide an option, nonetheless it comes at price of not able to utilize the optical viewfinder and an external flashgun on top of that, plus the significant literal price of £180.
Just like a DSLR, the DP2 Quattro provides both JPEG and RAW recording platforms. There tend to be 3 various JPEG compression amounts (Fine, Normal, Basic), three quality options (Super-high, High Low) and either five crop settings (21:9, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3 and 1:1). The RAW data tend to be conserved when you look at the Sigma X3F structure, which presently can simply be prepared making use of the liberated to grab Sigma Photo Pro RAW 6 picture creator (maybe not provided when you look at the package). Sigma Photo Pro is a straightforward, straight-forward but alternatively sluggish application it doesn’t compare that really with Lightroom or Photoshop when it comes to functions, but receives the task done and it is totally free. We actually desire that Sigma would offer the Adobe DNG format in order that we’re able to utilize our favourite handling software from time one. Note that should you shoot when you look at the RAW mode, you cannot additionally select the Super-High quality in-camera, even though you can form the RAW file into a Super-High file utilizing Sigma Photo Pro in post-processing.
The start up time from turning the Sigma DP2 Quattro to becoming prepared just take a photograph is okay at around 1.5 seconds. It takes around 10 moments to keep RAW data, although fortunately you are able to just take another shot virtually straight-away, which covers our primary criticisms of this earlier Merrill generation. The DP2 Quattro also has actually a good rush mode of 3.5fps if you feel the necessity, though it can simply capture 7 RAW/High data ahead of the digital camera locks-up entirely for a couple seconds. Still, it really is a large enhancement on DP2 Quattro’s predecessors.
The Sigma DP2 Quattro provides the full array of higher level exposure controls through the Mode switch in addition to the digital camera, including aperture-priority, shutter-priority, manual and manual focusing, with Auto and Program AE settings providing for less experienced and three Custom settings to enable you to conserve and remember your selected options. There are not any auto-everything or scene settings about this digital camera, that is a veritable breathing of outdoors at the same time whenever many producers tend to be filling their particular digital cameras packed with smart technologies that take close control from the individual. The aperture or shutter rate tend to be set utilizing the forefinger-operated control switch in addition to the digital camera which encircles the shutter switch, with a brand new smaller control switch only behind the very first one setting the aperture when you look at the Manual shooting mode and exposure compensation when you look at the various other settings.
Sigma DP2 Quattro
Sigma DP2 Quattro Digital Camera
The DP2 Quattro has actually three metering settings, Evaluative Metering, Center Weighted Average Metering and Spot Metering. Exposure compensation is occur 1/3 stop increments from +3.0 to -3.0 stops and an easy auto bracketing purpose can also be offered.
Auto-focusing stays among the weaker things of this DP2 Quattro. There tend to be 9 concentrating things to pick from and three-point sizes, you could just pick one-by-one, without multi-AF point system that almost all various other digital cameras have actually. There’s a separate switch (upon the navigation pad) for selecting the main focus point, but it is nevertheless much easier and faster setting the main focus to your center point, after that concentrate by half-pressing the shutter switch and recompose the framework for off-centre topics. The DP2 Quattro’s autofocus system still isn’t what you had phone snappy, particularly in low-light. It generally locks on the topic sooner or later, but there is a noticeable 0.5 2nd wait it doesn’t get this digital camera specifically advantageous to action photography. Note your DP2 Quattro does have an integrated focus assist lamp, abnormally situated on the lens barrel.
Manual Focus can also be offered, which demonstrably prevents the auto-focus lag and increases the digital camera. The DP2 Quattro has actually a separate manual focus ring on lens barrel. It is achievable to magnify the Liquid Crystal Display show by 8x to test the focusing by pushing the OK key, even though this does not offer sufficient magnification or quality to make sure accurate focus. The Sigma DP2 Quattro does not have an integrated pop-flash product, only an optional flashgun which gels the additional hotshoe straight over the lens. Sigma claim that you employ the recommended EF-140S additional flashgun with all the DP2 Quattro.
A committed lens bonnet may be the last recommended accessory for DP2 Quattro. This obstructs out extraneous light and assists prevent flare, of use because of the wide-angle nature of this lens, although regrettably we did not get one to evaluate. The lens bonnet also incorporates a hood adapter that is built to take a 46mm lens filter, in order to include things such as a polarizer, Ultraviolet or close-up macro filter. The nearest length that you could give attention to an interest is 28cms from the digital camera when it is set-to Full Focus mode, and that means youwill need buying the lens bonnet then fit a third-party close-up macro filter if you would like get actually near your topic.
It’s reasonable to state that flicks are not the Sigma DP2 Quattro’s powerful point, because Sigma have entirely eliminated movie recording. The battery life has actually fortunately already been enhanced, with a CIPA quoted lifetime of 200 shots – we was able 180 pictures before the need to charge. Sigma have commendably made a decision to carry on providing two battery packs when you look at the package, inspite of the better battery life (the DP2 Merrill could just handle around 80 shots per cost).
The primary selection system on Sigma DP2, accessed by pushing the Menu switch over the navigation pad, remains instead standard but user friendly. There tend to be three tabs across the top, Camera, Play and Settings, subdivided into 5, 2 and 4 displays of choices correspondingly. Due to your big Liquid Crystal Display display screen and limiting how many on-screen alternatives to 5, the different choices and icons can be obvious and readable, and every alternative makes use of a mixture of text and helpful tiny symbol.The much more intuitive Quick Set selection is accessed through the QS switch over the Menu switch, once the title recommends supplying faster usage of eight secret functions – ISO,   Image Size, Metering, Image Resolution,Burst Mode, White Balance, Crop Mode and Colour Mode. The navigation pad tips and back control switch tend to be after that regularly choose the different alternatives for each function.
Once you have got grabbed a photograph, the Sigma DP2 Quattro has actually a fairly minimal array of choices about playing, reviewing and handling your pictures. You can immediately scroll through pictures which you took, view thumbnails (9 onscreen simultaneously), zoom inside and outside as much as 10x magnification, view slideshows with different configurable choices, set the printing purchase, record a soundclip, lock, level, and rotate a picture.
The Display switch toggles step-by-step options information on each photo off and on, including the ISO score and aperture / shutter speed, and there’s a tiny histogram offered during playback also whenever using an image. You also can switch on the of use Exposure Warning which ultimately shows a flashing purple location for almost any overexposed areas of a recorded picture. When using a photograph, pushing the Display switch toggles between your detail by detail information, the tiny histogram with an electric amount, a status display screen without real time preview, and switching the Liquid Crystal Display display screen down.
In summary the Sigma DP2 Quattro is a no-frills, niche digital camera that a lot of men and women wont start to see the point of, but which a minority will likely to be pleased by. Despite improvements to your processing rate, it really is nevertheless a camera this is certainly ideal to slow-moving or fixed topics, when you’ll either love or hate the unconventional design.